You and your spouse, children and other family members, as well as your business, and employees are the subject of our care and concern.  As financial advisors, we use our resources, experience and knowledge of a wide variety of financial options and instruments to present appropriate solutions and opportunities for your review. We do not have any proprietary products or vested interests so we have the freedom to offer unbiased opinions and recommendations that are customized to your individual needs and objectives.



• Retirement Planning

• Corporate Retirement Solutions
   - Individual Plans:  Traditional IRA, IRA Rollovers, Roth IRA,     
      Individual 401K, Individual Defined Benefit
   - Deferred Compensation:  SERP, Mirror 401K, Executive Bonus
   - Group  Plans:  SIMPLE IRA, SEP (Self Employed Pension), 401K, Profit Sharing, 
      Defined Benefit, Section 457, Section 403(b)

• Financial Planning

• Investment Management

• Business Succession Planning

• Estate Planning 

• 529 Plans

• Life Insurance

• Personal Trusts

• Long Term Care Insurance

• Pension Rollovers

• Variable and Fixed Annuities

• Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

• Closed End Funds

• Unit Investment Trusts (UIT)

• Consultative Brokerage: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds